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Hoodoo Goddess made me a green female candle & money oil for drawing in new money and overall success with my new career. My candle burned completely and left behind a free flowing wax remains. I went to the casino, used the money that I put the money oil on and won over $1k! I went the next day and put more money oil on my money and won over $1k again! I appreciate her work and candles!


Hoodoo Goddess


Descendant hoodoo woman by the name of Paris A'jana is an artist born under the Pisces Sun. This beautiful soul who crafts spiritual candles is Better known as the Hoodoo Goddess...

From birth, she was raised along the northwest of the Pacific Ocean by her mystic father. He who is heavily embedded with Louisiana roots practiced Hoodoo & Voodoo with a huge influence of sacred teachings from Native American traditions. By nature, her grandmother actively invited magic into their daily life with the guidance of her ancestral spirits to nurture and develop the young Goddess.

As a child, she can vividly recall peeking along the side of the kitchen wall or tip-toeing over the kitchen counter to see what magic her father was conjuring up during the witches hour. The curiosity only grew within herself as it was in her bloodline and her passion bloomed. At the tender age of 8, Paris A'jana melted a variety of colorful pieces of wax on a white pillar candle. She was able to create her first hoodoo candle alongside her encouraging father.

From there the family traditions were passed down in the art of magic, healing, and herbs. Paris A'jana has grown spiritually through the years and has mastered the art of making hoodoo candles, mixing potions and is able to utilize a variety of divinatory tools. She incorporates numerology, tarot, and oracle card readings when called upon. Energy healing radiates from her hands for those in need of emotional, physical and/or spiritual healing...

With a childhood filled with wonderful memories of true magic, rituals, blessings and divination readings Paris A'jana is able to share her knowledge and vision with the world while nurturing her own little goddess.

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Hoodoo Goddess Headquarters is based out of Newport Beach, California and Seattle, Washington.